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You must have begun setting up your classes in NCWise for this to work. See Pages 3-8 of the NCWise Gradebook Teacher Guide for assistance in doing this....




Part 1 - SAM Setup -- There is a 24 hour delay between when you've setup classes in NCWise and them showing up in SAM!!


  • Log into SAM... https://sam.wcpss.net/include/login.php. <ON CAMPUS ONLY> Use the same login and password as you do in NCWise.
  • Click on Security/Data Management - Click on Progress report setup - check save changes, when the page has refreshed select the correct reporting cycle in the ReportCycle/Spreadsheet column. This should be 3rd Quarter - 18 weeks for MOST of you.
    • Do this for each class then save changes. Now parents are able to view progress reports on line.
    • Remember to choose ONLY 1st semester classes (they start with 1/0/0/)



Part 2 - NCWise Gradebook Setup


This was discussed during the NCWise Gradebook training earlier this semester and can be found on pp 11-13 of the NCWise Gradebook Teacher Guide.


To create or edit an existing assessment in NCWise Gradebook:

  • Go to https://esis.ncwise.org
  • Check the "Post to Parent Assistant Date" checkbox located under the Create Date.
    • You may either choose the default date (today's date) or any date in the future. Frankly I choose the current date, so that parents can see any new progress. This is probably best for those parents who always want a current progresss report.
  • Once this box is checked, the data is automagically sent to SAM/SPAN. Anytime you change that assessment the information will be updated. Check it and forget it!
    • NOTE: This step must be performed for EVERY assessment in your gradebook. If a particular assessment is not appearing in SPAN, you may have forgotten to check the box. Go back through and check any old assessments if you are worried. If there is a date in the box, then all is well. See below for details...



Well, that's it! Now just go back in and check your assessments as well as the SAM setup and you're done! Be sure to see Jack McGrath (Room 1518) or myself if you have any questions!


Remember that ALL CLASSES MUST SEND HOME A PROGRESS REPORT. Parents do check SPAN often, so, please try and enter grades in every two weeks or so. Trust me, bite the bullet and get your grades done now... :)

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