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Wrong Reporting Term

Page history last edited by Geof Duncan 10 years, 4 months ago

Oh no... I've entered in hundreds of grades, but, unfortunately they are in the wrong reporting term!!

Don't panic, there's a relatively quick way to fix this...


STEP 1: Click the View/Change Assessment button (by the print, save, and exit buttons.


STEP 2: Choose the Assessment you need to move, then click the Change Assessment button (by the print, save, and exit buttons)


STEP 3: Click the Add This Assessment To Other Class button


STEP 4: Click the Question Mark (?) beside the assessment to bring up the REPORTING PERIODS box. Choose the correct Reporting Term, and press OK..


STEP 5: Once you've pressed OK, your Reporting Term will be correct in the last column. Now click the Copy Selected Info To All button to transfer your Assessment to the correct Reporting Period.

STEP 6: Press the Exit/Door button twice (2 times) to go back to the same TA Assessments screen you saw in STEP 2.


STEP 7: Repeat these same six steps for each assessment you have listed in the incorrect Reporting Period. When you're "finished", your TA Assessments screen will be blank for the incorrect Reporting Period.


Change your Reporting Term drop down menu to the correct Reporting Term to see that all Assessments have been moved...


Remember to ALWAYS make sure that your Reporting Term is correct before you enter grades into your Spreadsheet. Otherwise you'll have to follow these same procedures to fix them!!!


Now, don't forget to change SAM for the new Reporting Term!!!

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