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3rd Quarter Average

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Step 1: Calculations


The heart of this report is realizing what is needed for it. This report is to determine ANTICIPATED FINAL AVERAGE FOR SENIORS ONLY. So, the first thing you will need to do to complete this report is to take your best guess as to what the final average will be for all of the seniors in your class. Please try to be as accurate as you can, but, remember that all that is required is a LETTER grade.

  • 18 week courses will typically use the 3rd Quarter Average
  • you may wish to use the Midterm Exam grade to anticipate the final average for your seniors. 

Step 2: Mark Entry

  1. Log in to NCWise
  2. Choose the Mark Entry button

  3. Scroll down in the next screen until you get to your correct Course Length (18 weeks)- The Start Date should read the beginning of 2nd Semester. Now scroll down the Reporting Period until you see 3rd Quarter Average- (18 Weeks). Once you've chosen the correct Course Length and Reporting Period, hit the Students button

  4. Enter your Anticipated LETTER grade for your SENIORS ONLY. Don't forget to check the Mark entry is complete checkbox. Save your work and use the back arrow to enter your next class.

  5. You're Done! Print a Mark List report for Mrs. Faulkner and turn it in!!



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