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Advanced Teacher Web Pages

Page history last edited by Geof Duncan 10 years, 4 months ago

So, you want more than a simple profile, the next step is to decide what you want. This page is less of a tutorial and more of a links page to give ideas.


  • A blog? Example - http://edublogs.org

    • A blog (or web log) is a place for you to put your personal opinions about topics. This can also be used as a classroom website, but, the format is usually a little more limited. There are several examples of blogs at the site above. Look around and see if it suits you.
  • EduBlogs are the supported blog tool for all WCPSS teachers, user guides are available at http://blogsupport.wcpss.net/using.htm. You MUST complete the WCPSS CyberSense course before using these tools.
  • A Wiki? Example - http://pbworks.com

    • A wiki is the perfect tool for collaboration. Have a large group project where you want several groups to post their findings or work together on editing one document? A wiki is made for that see one example of that here and another wiki used as a classroom website here. 
  • PBworks is the supported wiki tool for all WCPSS teachers, a quick start guide for using PBworks is available in the CyberSense course. You MUST complete the WCPSS CyberSense course before using these tools.
  • This site was (obviously) created using PBWorks. I've done quite a bit of customization to make this site more like a website and less like a wiki on purpose....


  • A Web Site? Example - http://sites.google.com

    • The link above lists several samples and examples - give it a try
    • Creating a web site used to be pretty complicated. You would have to learn to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver, or some other website editor then find somewhere to host your website.
    • That option still exists - let me know if you want to do that - but the easiest option now is to use some type of site builder like Google Sites to create a site. 


A couple of other hints, tips...

  • Please do not post Word Documents or PowerPoints on your site. Take into account that some of your parents / students may not have the same version of Word that you are using.
    • Try posting PDF documents instead... upload your document to a site like PDF Online and post the PDF document OR add a simple PDF printer to your laptop.
    • PowerPoints take up a large amount of space on your website. Try converting the PowerPoints to flash documents using iSpring Free. You can also host your iSpring PowerPoints on SlideBoom.
  • Ask! Many of our staff members are using variations of all of these methods to host their own class sites. See what works for you.
  • Most importantly, THINK before using any online tool to post information. Refer to the WCPSS Privacy Matrix before posting ANY student info...

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