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Network Printers

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Adding printers to staff LAPTOPS has radically changed for 2013-2014. The process is much easier and much more self-sufficient. Once you get used to the process, you really should not need additional support to add any printer. ** NOTE: The 814 printer is located in teacher classrooms - it is respectfully requested that this printer be used sparingly and at times when classes are not disturbed.


Logging on to a Desktop / Laptop

One of the changes for this school year is that ALL desktops and laptops require a username and password. The following link is a brief introduction to this process if you need it.


Installing Printers on Laptops

Please also note that printers should not be misused. Supplies are provided by the front office staff and taken off the top of school budget. Repairs are made as quickly as possible, but, many of our printers are now out of warranty which slows the repair process drastically. Please report any problems with these printers to the front office as they occur so that repairs can be made quickly.


To add a printer to a laptop, please use the following link (THIS LINK SHOULD BE OPENED IN INTERNET EXPLORER) If you do not use Internet Explorer, these steps WILL NOT WORK:



Click the following link using Internet Explorer:




Select the printer you wish to install from the list of printers. NOTE: Please do not install printers without first asking permission to print. Some printers are maintained by individual departments with separate funding sources



Select the printer you want to install. Once you have selected your preferred printer, click the Connect link to install the printer to your computer.



STEP 4: 

Press Yes to confirm that you want to add this printer to your laptop.



The process should begin once the Yes button is clicked. Depending on network speeds and time of day, this may take a while.


Some printers may give a warning about driver signing. It is safe to press "Continue Anyway"



Once the install process is complete, you will see a "printer has been installed on your machine" message. You may either close the window or click the "All Printers" link to add another printer.


This is additional documentation on the process if you need it.


Toshiba Copier Links:


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