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Network Drives

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These directions will ONLY work while on campus.


Obtain the Shortcuts archive.

You'll need a few files that will make this process a LOT easier. Download this zip archive. You'll need to unzip this archive to a location you can find later. I'd recommend saving it and unzipping to your desktop.


Once that's done, open up the folder where your files were unzipped. If all went well, you should find two folders and a file called Shortcuts.cmd. Your icons and such may look different, I'm using the Vista Inspirat 2 Bricopack from CrystalXP.net.

Double click the Shortcuts.cmd file and a command prompt window will open:

We'll create some Desktop Shortcuts first. These are shortcuts for WCPSS Webmail, SAM, NCWise, KHS Website, and Blackboard. Type 1 and press enter.

Press the Enter Key and the script copies several icons and shortcuts to your desktop. These icons can be deleted later, but, we need the files for the next step.

You'll be sent back to the same page as before, now select 2 to create the Network Shortcuts.

Press Enter - Please make sure you have logged into a school desktop and changed your password before running this script. It won't work unless you have. :)

Type the username you use to log in to the desktop

Read the screen carefully, you may have to enter your username again if it asks you to


You'll be redirected to the main screen again, this time type 3 to exit. You'll notice three new desktop shortcuts and that in My Computer you'll have new drives for H: R: and S:


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