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ERD Procedures

Page history last edited by Geof Duncan 4 years, 7 months ago

As our school gets older and more "lived in" many of the technology we purchased are starting to fail and/or age out. The WCPSS procedures for removing broken or "out of spec" materials should be followed. These procedures can be found on the WCPSS Intranet site at: http://www2.wcpss.net/departments/technology/policies_procedures/hardware/erd_pc_procedures.htm.


So, for Knightdale HS, the procedures can be summarized as follows:

  • Fill out an ERD form to include the equipment you want to ERD - http://www2.wcpss.net/forms/forms/erdn.doc
  • Move your equipment to a central location - there is usually a stack of items in the KHS Loading Dock
  • Fax your ERD form(s) to Marty Napier at the warehouse - 856-2929.
    • Make a note on the form where the equipment will be located for pick up - loading dock, computer lab, library media center, storage closet, etc.
  • Place ERD stickers on items to be removed for easy identification - get these from Kristel Behrend in the Learning Commons
  • Send a copy of your ERD forms to Mike Powers - Central Services via courier.
  • Give one copy of your ERD form to Jason de Nobel for Inventory
  • Place one copy of your ERD form on top of the ERD equipment

Contact Tom Dupas 856-8100 for additional info...

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