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Cool Software Tools

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I've had several people recently ask me for a few software tips. I thought I might compile a list of stuff that I use regularly.


Antivirus / Antimalware


Name Description Download
RKill This tool will stop "scareware" that keeps you from running ANYTHING. You may need to download and run this tool before you can do anything else. Link
CCleaner  Software used to clean temp files and the "crap" that builds up on your computer. This is the first thing I run when someone has a spyware infestation.   Link 
MBAM Malwarebytes removes most all spyware and "scareware" that I find on people's machines. The ultimate tool. Link
MBAM Updates  MBAM manual updates if necessary. You may not be able update on the school network or if you are in Safe Mode. Link
Microsoft Safety Scanner A free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Link 
Super Anti-Spyware If MBAM doesn't clean it, then Super Anti-Spyware will. 'Nuff said. Link
Microsoft Security Essentials If your antivirus subscription has expired. Try this free one from Microsoft. I use it on all of my personal machines. Link


Teacher Tech Tools


Name Description Download
iSpring Ever wanted to post a PowerPoint with all of your transitions on a website? iSpring does it really well, really easily. See an example at the KHS Registration page. Link
KompoZer A simple WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Great for creating simple web sites or editing HTML files. Not quite a replacement for Dreamweaver, but a simple alternative for most users. Link
NitroPDF A good PDF reader, creator, and editor. Useful for turning anything into a PDF. Link
Photo Story Great tool for putting together photo slide shows. Create text slides and you've got a really easy video creator. See an example at the Why Join KAES? page. Link
PicPick If you can't afford Snagit, this screen shot utility is probably the closest free one that I can recommend. Link
ProxyPal A simple utility for changing the Proxy settings on your school laptop. This was mentioned in the "Proxy Settings" section, but it is worth mentioning again. Link
Snagit If you're trying to explain how to do anything with software, screen shots are a MUST. Snagit is the ultimate software for this. It's not free, but, well worth it. Link 
TeraCopy A utility for speeding up the Windows copy routine. Great for copying large files. Link
VLC VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. If this software won't play your video, chances are it can't be played. Link 


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