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Step 2: Creating your FrontPage

 Now you're ready to change the default PBworks FrontPage into your very own homepage. We would like to be sure that our homepage is very easy to navigate. Remember to keep this very simple. One example of a very basic course homepage can be found here - khsteachers.pbworks.com or geofd.pbworks.com/Course Homepage. The idea is that you should have some basic information at the top and your courses clearly labeled in a table. Also included in both of these templates are pictures that can represent each course that you teach.


In this step, we'll change the default text on our FrontPage and create our table.


STEP 1: Edit your FrontPage


  • Return to your FrontPage by either navigating to your workspace.pbworks.com address or by clicking on the name of your workspace on beside Workspaces in the grey menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Once back at your FrontPage, click the EDIT tab to begin editing your page. NOTE: You will only be able to make changes to any page when your are in EDIT mode. Additional features will be available only when you are in EDIT mode.
  • The PBworks page editor should be pretty familiar and simple to use, additional information about the PBworks editor can be found in the PBworks Manual.


  • I recommend selecting all of the default text, deleting it, and just starting with a blank page. Enter in the text you would like to start with.


  • The only tricky part here might be creating the link to the KHS website. The steps to creating a link can also be found in the PBworks Manual, but I'll go through them here too.
  • First, select the text - Knightdale High School - that you would like to link and press the Add Link button in the PBworks Editor.



  • By default, the PBworks editor wants to create a link to a new PBworks page, but that's not what we want.
  • Click the Browse Pages & Files >> link and you will be taken to another window where you can choose the kind of link you want to make.


  • Once you're on the next window, choose to link to a Web Address



  • Okay, all done with the top portion, now let's create our course table...


STEP 2: Creating your Courses Table


  • Now we can create our table of courses. I'll create a table (and corresponding course page) for only one course here. The steps for creating tables are also found in the PBworks Manual, but I'll go through the steps I'm using here.
  • First, I'll create a new table. Since I'm only doing one course, I'm only creating a 1x2 table. Two courses would require a 2x2 table, 3 would require 3x2, etc.
  • In the PBworks editor, click on Insert > Table > 1x2 Table. (You may need to select more boxes, but you can easily add additional rows to the table later)



  • So, my table is created, but I want the left column to be a bit smaller so that it looks a little better when I put my clip art in that left column.
  • Make sure that your cursor is in the left column, then choose Table > Cell > Table cell properties.


  • I'm going to make my left column about 100 pixels wide. So, I'm entering 100 pixels wide for this cell and press Save Changes.



  • Now my table looks like I want it to look. Let's enter some content into the right column. I'm entering in the name of my course and a brief description.


  • This is a good time to Save what you're doing by clicking the Save and Continue or the Save button. The Save and Continue button will allow you to continue to work in the Editor after you've saved your work, the Save button will save your work and return you back to view mode.
  • I want to add a picture that represents my course. So, I've searched through my course materials and other legal clip art that I might have and I'm going to add it to the left column. These steps are covered in the PBworks Manual, but I'll go through the steps I use here.
  • First, click on the  Images and files tab under the Insert links section of the Page Tools section of the page.


  • Now I'll use the Upload files link to upload my clipart to my site.


  • Once the upload is complete I can see that the file shows up in my available files list.


  • Now place your cursor where you want the picture to go.
  • I'll place my cursor in the left column, and then click on the name of the image in my available files.


  • This should place the image in your table where your cursor was.
  • Oh No!! The image is way too large!


  • It's easy to fix, though, simply double click on the picture, and a window will pop up allowing you to change the size of your picture.
  • I've changed my picture to be 90 pixels wide. I've also changed the alignment so that it will be centered in the column.



  • Press Save Changes and your picture should be resized as expected.


  • I'm done with my FrontPage for now. Press Save  to return back to View mode.


  • Okay, I've pretty much finished my FrontPage, now time to create a new course page.


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