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Step 5: Adding Resources to your Course Page(s)


Adding resources is very similar to the steps that we used to add a picture to our FrontPage back in Step 2. Making links to those resources is also similar to the steps that we used in linking our course pages in Step 4. You should have a pretty good grasp of how to do things in PBworks. This will take practice, but it's not too bad.


STEP 1: Navigate to your Course Page


  • Navigate to your Course Page by using the link in the Navigator or by one of the links you created earlier on your FrontPage. 
  • Click on the EDIT tab to begin editing your Course Page.


STEP 2: Upload files


  • Click on the Images and files tab and you should see the Upload files link.


  • Click the Upload files link and you can upload any files that you want to link.
  • I recommend uploading files as PDF so that they can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. Use Save As > Adobe PDF whenever possible.
  • You can press CTRL+Click to upload more than one file at a time.
  • I've uploaded my Acceptable Use Policy. Once uploaded it will appear in your available file list.


STEP 2: Create the link to your resource

  • Use the editor to delete any information you do not want on your Assignments template.
  • Type the name of your link.
  • Select the text you typed, then, just like our page link before, click the name of your file on the right side to create create your link.


  • Alternatively, you could also place your cursor on the page where you want the link to go, and click the resource name on the right side of the page to create your link.
  • This should only be done if you have descriptive document names that users can understand what they are supposed to be viewing.


  • Once you have completed making links to all of your course resources, Save your page and you're done!


  • If you've followed the steps in PBworks 101 you should have a functional PBworks Class Homepage. 
  • There are more ways to customize your workspace if you would like. 


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