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Step 6: Advanced Studies in PBworks


Tip 4: Customize your Workspace colors and add a banner


The default PBworks color scheme is a little drab for my taste. Let's color our workspace to our own liking.


STEP 1: Change your colors


PBworks has a default set of colors that are nice to look at and well designed. We'll start by using one of their color schemes.


  • First, click on settings


  • Next, choose Colors under the BASIC SETTINGS section. I chose the "Orange" color scheme since it seemed to be kind of close to the Knightdale Gold... For those Duke (blue), NCSU (Red), or Carolina (PBworks) teachers the default color schemes are very usable.


  • You can choose the "custom" color scheme and modify the color scheme to your liking, but, I find that method to be very confusing. I'm just not that creative.


  • The simplest way to get things looking the way you want is to upload a logo. 


STEP 2: Create your banner


  • You can use any program you would like to create your banner - Photoshop, , MS Paint, Paint.NET, or any other graphics program you are comfortable with. 
    • NOTE: PBworks will automatically resize logos taller than 40px.
  • I'm going to use an even simpler way to create our logo - PowerPoint
  • I've posted a copy of the PowerPoint that I used to create my gduncankhs.pbworks.com banner at this link over at the khsteachers workspace. 
  • So, download the khs-teachers-banner.ppt and open it up to get started.


  • I've created individual slides to match the PBworks color schemes. Feel free to create a new slide and design your own background if you would like.
  • Change the top line and second line to say what you would like to.
  • Feel free to change fonts, colors - I think everyone knows how to modify a PowerPoint slide...
  • Once you have your design the way you would like, choose to Save As > Other Formats


  • Change the Save as Type dropdown to PNG Portable Network Graphics (*.png)




  • PowerPoint will ask "Do you want to export every slide..."
  • Choose to export Current Slide Only


  • Now you have created your banner, it's time to actually use it.


STEP 3: Add your banner (logo)


  • As you might expect, choose Logo under the BASIC SETTINGS section of your Settings


  • Choose the PNG file you saved earlier, and press Upload

  • You can also choose to "color my workspace based on this logo's colors"
  • Feel free to get creative and see what happens. You can always customize your colors or choose another color scheme again...


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