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Step 6: Advanced Studies in PBworks


Tip 3: Clean up your Navigator


Your Navigator is the primary way that users move around your workspace. Keeping unnecessary pages in there can make things confusing. We'll use Folders and some Workspace Security settings to reorganize your Navigator.


STEP 1: Move default PBworks content to a folder


  • First I will put all of the default pages I'm not using in a new folder
  • Choose the Pages & Files tab


  • Choose to create a new folder by clicking the New button and select the Create a folder option


  • I'll name my folder - default


  • You will immediately be dropped into your new folder


  • Now let's move some of those other pages into the folder.
  • Choose your Pages & Files tab to go back to the listing of all of your pages.


  • Drag and drop the pages you're not using into your default folder.


  • I moved the following pages to default
    • Activity Tracking
    • Assignments
    • Blank Page
    • Course
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Syllabus  


  • NOTE: PBworks will let you know when you've successfully moved a file or page to a folder


STEP 2: Apply Folder Security


Putting pages in a folder is one way of organizing your Navigator. Now I'll use Folder Security to hide the folder from our Navigator.


  • Be sure that you are in your default folder, then press the Folder Security button.


  • Choose Custom Security to disable public access to the public folder



  • Press Save and your Folder Security settings are applied.
  • If you now return to your Workspace when not logged in, you should notice that your Navigator is much easier to Navigate...


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