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PowerSchool has distance learning and Mastery in Minutes modules that can assist staff in learning standard functionality of the PowerSchool application. This distance learning is through PowerSource


If you are unable to log into PowerSource, please contact your Data Manager. Your Data Manager will need to submit a ticket to the Help Desk for an account to be created for you.


*Below is a list of recommended courses for a Teacher. 

  • PowerTeacher
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook: Getting Started
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook: Working with Grades
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook: Analysis and Reporting
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook Standards
  • Introducing Parents to PowerSchool's Parent Portal
  • PowerTeacher Administrator


If you are having issues logging into PowerSchool when everyone else is able to log in, you may want to clear your cookies and cache and attempt to log in again. 


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